Kikkoman Yakitori Sauce - Glaze & Marinade

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Yakitori is a classic of Japanese BBQ and buffet culture. Whether meat, fish or vegetables are on the menu, the sweet-spicy yakitori marinade tastes simply irresistible. But what if there's no time to marinate? That's where our Kikkoman Yakitori Sauce comes into play!

We've created the ideal solution made from our naturally brewed soy sauce, selected spices and a touch of molasses. Just brush your grill ingredients with Yakitori Sauce while barbecuing, or use it for dipping. So easy, so tasty!

Like all our marinades, Kikkoman Yakitori Sauce is extremely versatile and perfect for spontaneous BBQ moments.

The sweet tanginess of our yakitori sauce goes particularly well with poultry. Anyone for sticky glazed barbecued wings?

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