Kikkoman Mirin-Style Sweet Cooking Seasoning

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This mirin-style sauce is known as mirin-fu in Japanese. A highly versatile seasoning and glaze for enhancing dishes that appeal to both the palate and the eyes.

It’s specially crafted by Kikkoman using our original natural brewing process, which is maybe why Kikkoman Mirin-Style Sweet Seasoning effortlessly blends with other fermented ingredients like soy sauce, miso and vinegar.

Whether mixing a homemade teriyaki sauce, marinating or glazing, spicing up wok dishes or creating a fantastic do-it-yourself dip, Kikkoman Mirin-Style Sweet Seasoning is a handy kitchen helper!

Traditional Japanese mirin contains about 14% alcohol, while Kikkoman Mirin-Style Sweet Seasoning has only 0.3% resulting in a great mild taste and gentle sweetness.

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