Kikkoman Instant Aka (red) Miso Soup

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Aka means red, and that's exactly how this soup looks: red, like the rising sun on the Japanese flag. That's because this paste is fermented for up to three years. Compared to white miso soup, this one has a higher proportion of soybeans and a slightly saltier, more intense flavour.

We've refined the taste of this soup even further with ingredients like wakame seaweed, spring onions and yaki-fu. These ingredients make it even more nutritious: wakame seaweed is an excellent source of iodine, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and yaki-fu - Japanese dry-baked wheat - is rich in carbohydrates.

It’s so easy to savour delicious Japanese flavours while saving time – Kikkoman Aka Miso Soup makes it possible!

What’s more, all our miso soups are suitable for vegans!

* Nutritional values are based on preparation with boiling water.


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