Kikkoman Gluten free Teriyaki Marinade

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This teriyaki marinade is free from gluten, but does not compromise on the distinctive and much-loved flavour of teriyaki sauce. Whether as a flavour-packed marinade for a summer BBQ or as a secret ingredient to add extra flair to stir-fried dishes, Kikkoman Gluten free Teriyaki Marinade makes a whole host of meals even tastier.

Teriyaki (from teri - to glaze, and yaki - to grill or braise) is a Japanese culinary term that traces its origins back to the Edo period (around 1608-1868). It involves marinating meat and fish with a special teriyaki sauce which are then grilled or fried, giving them a delicate sweet-spicy flavour and beautiful shine. However, this method of preparation isn't just limited to Japan, it has fans all over the world. 

Kikkoman Gluten free Teriyaki Marinade is perfect for all the barbecue classics and elevates salads and rice dishes. It’s also a great base for preparing delicious dips and perfect for vegan dishes too.

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