Kikkoman Concentrated Ramen Noodle Soup Base - Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Flavour
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Cooking the most delicious ramen soup is easier than ever: Just add 270 ml of hot water to 2 tablespoons (30ml) of our Kikkoman Ramen Soup Base and you’re ready to tailor your soup to your taste! There are endless recipes you can create with it: whether it’s ramen, udon, soba, or pasta — put your preferred noodles into the soup and top it with your favorite ingredients like boiled eggs, sliced ham and different kinds of vegetables. For Miso Ramen, you can add Miso to the soup. If you like it more on the spicy side, mix in some Kimchi sauce for spicy Kimchi Ramen. 
Good news for vegans: Our Kikkoman Ramen Soup Base is suitable for vegan dishes, so use it with any soup recipe you like and enjoy!

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