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Kikkoman Soy Sauce: only the best for you

Best ingredients

Kikkoman traditionally brewed soy sauce is produced exclusively from the four pure ingredients of soy beans, wheat, water and salt. TThe soy beans are purchased in Brazil, Canada or the U.S.A., the wheat is grown in Germany and salt and water are from the Netherlands. All ingredients are subjected to the very strictest quality checks and only non-GMO soy beans are used. 

Naturally brewed

Kikkoman traditionally brewed soy sauce has been produced for over 300 years according to a three-stage traditional Japanese process that transforms water, soy beans, wheat and salt into fresh, naturally brewed soy sauce. It takes six months for the aromas to fully develop - without any chemical additives whatsoever.

Highest product quality

Quality is Kikkoman’s top priority. During the production process we use the highest quality ingredients and ensure strict compliance with our exacting standards by performing regular checks. The quality assurance process starts with the selection of the four pure ingredients and continues with stringent production monitoring and regular independent laboratory checks. We are absolutely committed to manufacturing safe and delicious products for consumers.