Sustainable from tradition

As a company with a very long tradition in the manufacture of a kitchen classic and a recipe that dates back several centuries, sustainability is a high priority for us. Natural ingredients, short distances, sustainable sourcing of raw materials, careful use of resources and respectful treatment of people are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Short distances

Our products find their way into kitchens all over the world and, where possible, without long transport routes. For Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we produce our sauces in the Netherlands and in a drying factory in Germany. Throughout the entire production chain we are mindful to not waste any food.

Sustainable sourcing of raw materials

We source 100% of our wheat from Germany, with water and salt coming from the Netherlands. In 2020, our Sustainable Sourcing Policy came into effect, which includes guidelines for packaging, forest stands and soybean sourcing, for example.

The soybeans for our European production come from the United States, Canada, Brazil and Europe. Brazilian soy suppliers must demonstrate ProTerra certification to ensure high standards of sustainability and responsible soy farming.

Guaranteed GMO-free

We set the highest standards for our products - and for the ingredients we use in them. For us, it goes without saying that we only use GMO-free raw materials. We also do not use any other preservatives or colourings in our products!

Use more, waste less

We prefer to fill our Kikkoman sauces in glass bottles. This is not only good for the flavour, but also for the environment. Around 63% of our packaging is glass. We use recycled glass and save as many raw materials as possible through recycling. Larger containers of 500 ml or more are usually packed in recyclable BPA-free PET bottles.

Our waste consists mainly of glass, plastic, paper and cardboard. We work hard to achieve the highest possible recycling rate.


Fair conditions for all

It is not only at our own sites that we ensure fair and good working conditions. We also insist that our partners adhere to our principles. Our procurement guidelines are based on the UN Global Compact and ensure high standards in terms of quality, secure supply, human rights, working conditions, environmental measures and business development.

In 2001, the Kikkoman Group was the first Japanese company to sign the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), an international framework for sustainable business.

Sustainable production sites

Since 2001, we have continuously reduced consumption of electricity, gas and water at our European production site. And we have done so while increasing production volumes. We now get 100% of our electricity from renewable energies (wind, solar) and use local water resources. 

The production of soy sauce produces so-called soy cake, and we pass this by-product on to farms as valuable animal feed.


Sustainability as a corporate goal

In all areas, we as the Kikkoman Group strive to operate as sustainably as possible. In 2018, we set out our principles and guidelines for sustainable action in our "Global Vision 2030". Our stated goal: By 2030, we as a company want to globally reduce our CO2 emissions and reduce our water consumption by 30%. We are also aiming for a recycling rate of 100%!

By 2050, we aim to achieve the ambitious goal of net zero CO2 emissions, in line with the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement. We also set targets in coordination with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Transparency is important to us when it comes to sustainability. That is why the Kikkoman Group reports on the platform of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and has achieved "A Status" in the categories of climate change and water security.

And because sustainability for us also includes treating people fairly and with respect, we have been certified by the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) for our working conditions and safety, as well as hygiene and environmental management. SMETA is one of the most widely used audit concepts for sustainable and ethical behaviour in companies worldwide.

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