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Just a taste or a smell of Kikkoman soy sauce will tell you that it’s something truly special. The fact that it is enjoyed in more than 100 countries and used in a wide variety of cuisines, only serves to reinforce this idea. But what makes it unmistakable?

Soy sauces are graded by the level of total nitrogen / protein under the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS). The grade of soy sauce indicates the level of umami it delivers. The facts speak for themselves. With 10g of protein per 100ml, Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is officially categorized as a ‘Special Grade’ soy sauce.

Grade TotalNitrogen g/100mlProtein g/100ml
Special Grade>1.50>9.38
High Grade>1.35>8.44
Standard Grade>1.20>7.50

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