Seasoning your life

“Seasoning your life” is our international slogan. It is founded on the principle that Kikkoman unites a 300-year-old Japanese soy sauce making tradition with a modern, healthy lifestyle.

Our brand promise is “To fill the world with the joys of food by delivering wholehearted flavour” and that’s exactly what Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce does. As the perfect universal seasoning, it augments the cuisine of many different countries. Naturally brewed soy sauce provides consumers with a very special flavour experience because of its full-bodied flavour (umami).

Uniting different dining cultures

Kikkoman helps people around the world to savour the joys of life and promotes the international exchange of food culture. This is a very important aspect of the corporate philosophy – alongside consumer orientation and excellent quality standards.

Reflecting that philosophy, Kikkoman products are renowned for their excellent quality and unique flavour.

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